Small Ladies Cork Leather Purse with RFID Protection


Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm x 10mm

Weight: 50 grams

Card Storage: 8 cards

Compartments: Coin compartment, unfolded banknotes

RFID protection

Material: finest Portuguese cork leather

Logo: Embossed or lasered (nature variant only)

For the choice of material, we opted for specially developed cork leather from Portugal. Due to elaborate processes, this material is of particularly high quality, water- and dirt-repellent, hard-wearing and very durable.

For our natural cork neither an animal nor a tree gets harmed. The valuable bark is harvested without damaging the tree. The harvest even has a significant advantage. Compared to an unpeeled cork oak, a harvested tree binds three times more CO2 in the course of its life.

The pleasant feel and the unique grain remind you every time you use it that you are holding a real piece of nature in your hands.

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    This ladies wallet is made of the finest Portuguese cork and is as durable as high-quality leather. In addition, the wallet is VEGAN APPROVED by PETA.

    This compact slim wallet has many compartments and lets you store 5 to 8 cards, lots of banknotes and coins easily.

    We have used an extremely high-quality metal zipper for particularly long-lasting and effortless opening and closing of the coin compartment.

    The integrated RFID blocker actively protects you and your personal data from data theft. RFID radio chips can be found in many credit cards and ID cards.

    The wallet comes in a nicely designed gift box. This makes it a perfect gift for a loved one.

only what you need

Do you really need to carry the receipts of the last 2 years, a bag full of coins and countless loyalty cards everywhere you go? If the answer is no, this might be the perfect minimalist wallet you´re looking for. Focus on what really matters skipping all useless weight and bulk.

compact yet roomy

  • Plenty of space for up to 8 cards
  • Change pocket with zipper
  • Lots of space for unfolded banknotes
  • Minimalist slim design

take it anywhere

Being so compact and easy to carry, Sequoia is the choice when you´re out and about, going to festivals or having a nights out with friends. Where are you gonna take it?


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