Why Cork?

Why did we take the hard route and develop our custom designed cork leather instead of using well established animal leather? Simple: It's better in almost every way! Check out our top reasons.


carbon dioxide absorber

The cork-covered areas of Portugal absorb as much CO² per year as the output of around 1.6 million gasoline cars.

Even better: a cork oak whose bark is harvested regularly binds up to four times more carbon dioxide than cork oaks that are never peeled in their lives.

As a result the active reforestation and use of cork by humans is more than a positive contribution to climate protection and results in an unbeatable eco-balance.


at least as holdable as animal leather

The cork leather specially developed for Natventure can withstand even the toughest conditions. So that you have a reliable companion at your side on your next adventure.


take it easy

Nobody likes to carry unnecessary weight. Our products are up to 60% lighter than comparable products.


your companion for life

Nature is king when it comes to water and dirt resistance. After all, trees stand outside in all weather conditions. Our Cork is easily washable by hand and can take a beating while being used.


no animals are harmed in the production

Not even that, but the cork forests we sustain are an important habitat for endangered animals like the Iberian lynx, only found in Portugal and Spain.

The total number of surviving Iberian lynx in these two countries is lower than 150 adult individuals. They are just one of the many animals that rely on the rich flora our cork forests provide.