Our Values

Since Natventure was founded in 2017 our main motivation has been to do good. We defined our three business principles on the first day and stayed true to them ever since. In fact we're so proud of our principles we want to share them with you to give you absolute transparency into what we wholeheartedly stand for and what has been ingrained in our DNA from day one:

  1. Environment first
  2. Deliver the highest quality possible
  3. Give Back

To give you more insight we'd like to take the opportunity to give you some examples of how these principles impact our decisions.

Environment first

We take great pride in our products and how they are manufactured. We've NEVER used animal products or byproducts and never will. All our products are 100% cruelty free and we are Vegan Approved by PETA.

We choose materials from renewable sources that are totally sustainable. Our cork material literally grows on trees. We don't cut or harm the cork oak in any way to harvest the bark. In fact the trees absorb 3 - 5 times more and live between 100 - 300 years.

The connection between CO2 and climate change is more evident than ever. We go to great lengths to guarantee we have the lowest climate footprint possible. Our packaging is absolutely plastic-free.

To keep our carbon balance low until you received your product we use carbon neutral shipping whenever possible. On top of that our distribution center itself is certified climate neutral.

Deliver the highest quality possible

When you purchase a Natventure product you're not just buying for the environmental benefits the products offer. You can be sure to get the very best quality and a very long lasting product. Only products that can be used and loved for a very long time are truly environmentally friendly.

Our products are designed for explorers and adventurers. Therefore we engineered them to be extra durable, water resistant, super light, and easily cleanable to make sure they can accompany you on all your daily adventures.

We are so proud of our workmanship and quality that if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your order in the first 30 days, you can return it and get a full refund. No questions asked!

Give Back

When we see daily news about the environment and nature being destroyed we don't sit back and point fingers. We see challenges instead of problems. We've decided to actively do something to tackle this climate challenge head-on! In partnership with One Tree Planted we (or better YOU!) plant one tree for every product sold where it's needed the most.

If you know us by now, you'll have guessed that we don't think that's enough. Additionally we've partnered with 1% for the Planet. Ensuring we are giving at least 1% of our yearly revenue to environmental organisations to protect the future of our planet.