Niels Meiser: Nature Photographer

What does travelling mean to you?

For me, travelling means inspiration, discovering new things and unwinding.

I often plan my photo trips long in advance, including a spot list with the position of the sun and the Milky Way.

Your favourite travel song?

M83- Outro, explorer vibes on demand!

Your favourite place?

That's difficult, there were so many. But a special spot in Madeira comes often to my mind. I found it by chance with a friend.

Your dream destination?

My dream destination(s) are New Zealand, Tasmania and South America. They are at the top of the bucket list next to countless other places.

Your best travel experience?

My best travel experience, true to the motto "Stay curious, Talk to Strangers." Get in touch with Locals, nobody has bitten me yet.

What inspires you?

Since I am very close to nature, I often watch documentaries. Here I have already discovered many spots and my travel planning has already started unconsciously.

Your favourite natventure product?

The Yosemite is my faithful companion on my travels, absoltuley great product!

Instagram: niels.meiser

Anskars FAVS

Da ist es schwer sich festzulegen! Beides, das Herren Portmonee (braun) und der Herren Gürtel (schwarz), gefallen mir super gut und ich nutze sie einfach täglich.